Allen-Bradley 1761-NET-ENI Overview

The Allen-Bradley 1761-NET-ENI  is a MicroLogix Ethernet Interface that provides provide EtherNet/IP connectivity for all MicroLogix controllers, CompactLogix controllers, and other DF1 full-duplex devices. The Ethernet Network Interface, (as well as the 1761-NET-ENIW) allows users to easily connect non-Ethernet controllers onto Ethernet networks in order to upload and/or download programs, communicate to other controls, or even send emails using SMTP.


1761-NET-ENI Replacement

The 1761-NET-ENI is still available from Industrial Automation Co. If you would like a replacement, please contact us to get a 1761-NET-ENI price quote by emailing or by called 877-PARTS-57. We typically have new or refurbished units in stock, and we can also repair any existing units may have that are faulty. We warranty all sold units and repairs for 12 months.


1761-NET-ENI Configuration

The 1761-NET-ENI’s IP information can be entered a few different ways using the following:

• the ENI Configuration Utility via the RS-232 port
• the ENI Configuration Utility via Ethernet, using Com Port Redirector software (for series D only)
• a write message from the Allen-Bradley controller to node address 250 via the RS-232 port
• a BOOTP server over Ethernet (BOOTP configuration is described in Appendix B of this manual)
• a DHCP server over Ethernet (once configured for DHCP)


1761-NET-ENI Configuration

1761-NET-ENI Configuration


The 1761-NET-ENI Configuration Utility is free software designed for configuring the model. It is available for download from the from the Allen-Bradley website at The Com Port Redirector software, which allows 1761-NET-ENI configuration over Ethernet, is also available for download from the same link.


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