Industrial Electronic Repairs


Industrial Automation Co. services and repairs a variety of industrial electronics and equipment in our own shop. Our repairs give customers a number of great benefits including:

Significant Savings

Repairs tend to be dramatically more cost-efficient than replacing parts with a new or refurbished option.

Fast Turnaround Times

Most repairs are completed within 3-5 days. Additionally, we have rush options that can cut this turnaround time in half.

12 Month Warranty

Industrial Automation Co. warranties all repairs for 12 months, with a no-hassle return and refund policy.

Types of Equipment Repaired

PLCs and PACs


Industrial Automation Co. can repair PLCs and PACs from all brands including, but not limited to, Schenider Electric, GE FANUC, Siemens, Allen Bradley, and many more. Oftentimes PLC repairs are more cost efficient than buying new.



Industrial Automation Co. repairs AC and DC inverters and amplifiers of all makes and sizes. Popular brands we repair include Control Techniques, Siemens, Schneider Electric, Danfoss, Rockwell Automation, and more.



Industrial Automation Co. provides cost-efficient repairs for all types of  industrial DC and AC motors including servo motors, stepper motors, spindle motors, linear motors, and more. We have the capabilities to perform our own rewindings and remagnetizing in-house, and can even fabricate new shafts.

HMIs and Controls


Industrial Automation Co. repairs a variety of HMIs, Panels, and Controls. Our collection of thousands of spare parts and components allow us to service most brands. We also can replace both older and mordern HMI screens with new LCD panels, which often saves our customers thousands when compared to traditional repairs and replacements.



Industrial Automation Co. repairs Printed Circuit Boards used in all types of machines, controls, cabinets, drives, and more. We can replace any faulty and failure-prone components on our board repairs, ensuring the longevity of your PCB.